I will buy this again from Solutions. Mosquitos were gone immediately. Makes sitting outside in Minnesota enjoyable. Checkout our spider control section for application recommendations. I can't walk outside without being swarmed! Yes, you can apply an insecticide after the first couple of weeks of applying a new sod. Talstar EZ Granular Insecticide 25 lb 793149. Granted it’s the winter now, but it does really well and quick. Applied once and the problem was gone, been several weeks with no re-occurrence. I have pets and it is safe to use. Shop our selection of Pest Control in the section of Lawn & Garden Care in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot Canada While Talstar Pro is a great product to eliminate bedbugs, it is recommended to not be the sole product used for a bedbug control program in your home. This product was recommended by a friend that worked for Orkin pest control for 20 yrs...works great. Will it keep wasps from nesting on eves if sprayed on the house? This does control wasps nicely! -A 32 oz. OMG it really works. Love this stuff!! This product is a synthetic form of pyrethrum that is wrapped around granules of sand. This will probably become a semi-annual ritual unless the bad bugs return sooner. Free shipping. C $35.00. per 1 gallon of water to cover 1,000 sq. I recommend reading the label and mixing it appropriately. Sorry Grace, I bought it but never used it. It’s easy to mix and use. It is truly a professional insecticide for all the purposes since you don’t have to buy a separate one for different pests, it takes care of all of them. Talstar EZ Granular Insecticide 25 lb 793149 is sold to many customers. Pyrethroids work by disrupting an insect's nervous system causing a weakened state followed by death. 25 lb. Did you find a cheaper price? The container comes with a compartment design with measurements in place to aid you in mixing the correct amount. It’s easy to mix and use. We have a variety of alternative products that can be shipped without issue. It will treat and control over 75 insects found inside and outside building structures. I bought this product for fleas in the yard and it works great for that. how good is this product for roaches is it the same product for all pests? Manufacturer FMC Corporation: Tweet. I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ALL...WE HAVE USED IT FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS NOTHING COMPARES TO THE RESULTS INDOOR AND OUTDOOR! Price From: Talstar P and Bifen IT are basically the same product, they are just made by different manufacturers. TALSTAR Insecticide. ft. Use the higher rate for a heavy pest infestation, a quicker knockdown or longer residual control. It is easy to apply and the instructions are very clear. I purchased Talstar Pro pest control product from Solutions Pest & Lawn and was very pleased with the performance of the product. Sign up for our newsletter today! Talstar P is water-based, odorless, contains no plant-damaging chemicals, and will not leave behind a visible residue on plants. Availability: In stock. Free shipping. Talstar Pro is a long lasting residual that lasts up to 3 months, it is odorless, leaves a clear residual, leaves no stain, non- irritating on the skin and does not break down easily with rain. I have a Ortho sprayer like you asked about,i fill the bottle,an set mine on 2 OZ,an hook up my garden hose an spray it works well, Use a 0.02% to 0.06% suspension (0.33 to 1 fluid oz. I have used it in areas occupied by children and pets with no problems. Much quicker and its specified for fleas. It did take care of the ants. Can I use Telstra p on new sod for mole crickets ? Relevance. Air Dangers. No, Talstar Bifenthrin will not absorb through the root system is not a systemic insecticide. Yes, the Talstar will kill lady bugs make sure to spray any shrubs or bushes around the home as well as entry points like windows and doors. Talstar Pro is able to target over 75 different pests and is great for in and outdoor uses. The active ingredient is Bifenthrin 7.9%, which is safer than many other pesticides. I will need another jug soon......can you offer me a good deal? Talstar P Professional Insecticide is perhaps the most broad spectrum insecticide on the market today. Talstar Select can also be used to eliminate fire ant colonies and prevent future colonies from being established. Free shipping. It has a finer granulated form than the Talstar EZ. PestControlPross is an independent Online company and distributor of pest control products. tion of the applicator, Talstar PL may be applied at up to 0.4 lb AI/A to control each of the pests listed in this Table. I am killing chinch bugs. Will this get rid of grubs and mole crickets? Talstar P Professional is safe around children and pets when used according to the product label. Buy Talstar P Insecticide (Talstar One) - 1 Pint. Best bug and ant kill I ever used. Best Talstar Professional Mosquito Insecticide Reviews, Buy Talstar Professional Mosquito Insecticide Online, Talstar 35832596186 Xtra Granular Insecticide-25 lbs, Anti Insect PRO - Ultrasonic Insecticide - Stops & repels - mosquito fly spider termite ant, Masterline 3/4 Gal Bifen Multi Use Insecticide / Termiticide / 7.9% Bifenthrin ~ Roaches , Fleas , Ticks , Stink Bugs Etc. Talstar 35832596186 Xtra Granular Insecticide-25... Anti Insect PRO - Ultrasonic Insecticide - Stops &... full selection of Talstar Professional Mosquito Insecticide, Mosquito Dunks Biological Mosquito Control, Sand core granular structure, provides a 2 to 4 month residual. When treating for insects such as fleas in carpets, we recommend using an aerosol like Novacide. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Im not sure of your question. If using Talstar P to treat termites through trenching, you will need a pickaxe or shovel to dig a trench, and a bucket with at least a 5 gallon capacity. Buy Now. J Med Entomol. I can't speak to the efficacy of Bifen I/T, but I purchased Talstar Pro to get rid of centipedes and it did a hell of a job. Bifenthrin works great for almost all pest and can be applied to plants, lawns, inside and outside the home with no issues. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R ... Buy It Now. Reviews. per Acre per application. Talstar Xtra Granular Insecticide, 25 lb. However, chiggers are not, but I would be surprised if it didn't control them as well. 3/4Gal $ 46.95. Most common household products use ground up corn husks to distribute the active product. A combination of insect killer and pest control methods may be necessary to effectively get the job done and stop insects, rodents and animals from becoming a serious nuisance.. General pest problems are relatively easy to manage once you identify what the type of pest you’re dealing with. Overall the buyers and users of this… However, we will honor a one-time re-shipment of the product. We got this product to treat dog ticks. We use it outside for all insects. and 143 answers. Will purchase again when needed. Many shoppers fulfill this Talstar EZ Verge , Talstar EZ Granular Insecticide 25 lb 793149, This might be our recommmend premium product for you. Please give us a call at 1-877-788-2847, for a full list of options available. I have never used it in the house to specifically treat for fleas. Due to regulations that exist in these states we cannot sell these products. Talstar Pro is also well known for its effectiveness with termites. Is it prohibited in Canada? And spraying the eves will help keep them from coming back. Great product! It does kill flea's but it's a longer process. Talstar® Select insecticide provides long-lasting residual control of a long list of turf pests, including billbugs, chinch bugs, armyworms, cutworms and webworms. For years, pest management professionals have chosen Talstar products to help them provide services of the highest quality to their customers. Control insects indoors and outdoors with Compare-N-Save 7.9% Bifenthrin concentrate indoor and outdoor insect control. Talstar Pl Granules penetrates well into landscapes and lawns including mulched areas because of its distinctive sand core granulated base. Step 2: Now that you have finished measuring your treatment area, it is time to create your solution. Did a perimeter spray around the house and on some cedars by the house. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Effectiveness & Efficiency. This product is also ideal for professional use as an outside termite treatment for residential foundations. I have been using Talstar for several years now. I used one once for a gallon of water and pit it in a bug sprayer. Working great on the mosquitos here in Norther VA. Looks like I need to spray our area (about 1/2 acre) about every 4-6 weeks to stay ahead of things. Supplies effective, long-term protection (Longest residual of any granule on the market). The 96-ounce bottle comes as a dried concentrate, so you’ll have to mix the powder with water in a spray bottle. It seems that they have the same active ingredient, both are 7.9% Bifenthrin. Can be safely applied to trees and plants, Not on crop plants. Talstar PL Granular has the same active ingredient and acting formula as the Talstar EZ. Talstar Pro is very easy to use. Mix 0.125 ounces up to 1.0 ounce per gallon of water depending on the severity of the infestation. Hope that helps. I purchased this product for ants and have used it on the inside & outside. It is composed of the active ingredient bifenthrin, which is classified as a restricted-use product. The method of measuring is made very easy with the specially designed bottle. at Walmart.com I have a big floral garden (over 425 plants), and Talstar is my go to insecticide for aphids, whitefly, cabbage worms, and a myriad of other pests that would otherwise destroy the plants. Talstar Pro comes in a 96-ounce container, which is more than enough for covering the average-sized home and yard. what is the time after spraying christmas trees before the tree can be sold and handled? Hope that helps. Could you mix this product or put it in a mister and spray shrubs as well? This product works great was easy to use and I woke up the next morning to find dead ants everywhere! It's the best product of its kind I've ever used. Your account has been temporarily locked, so no orders can be placed at this time. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when applying Talstar P Professional. Yes, Talstar is a great product for spiders. Brand New. Ensure that you wear the proper ppe as per the instructions. Products sold on this site are sold throughout the world and it is impossible to know every licensing restriction or requirements, product registration, etc. With an advanced aerosol formulation, professionals can deliver the power and dependability of Talstar with more ease of use than ever before! Synthetic Pyrethroid, Natural Product, and Entomopathogenic Fungal Acaricide Product Formulations for Sustained Early Season Suppression of Host-Seeking Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) and Amblyomma americanum Nymphs. Backpack Sprayer, Gloves, Pump Sprayer, Respirator Mask, Broadcast Spray, Crack & Crevice, Drench Treatment, Injection, Spot Treatment, Trench Treatment. Direct contact with high concentration may irritate skin. Only commercial lawn care workers with government permission can have access to the chemical. This insecticide can be tank mixed with … For preventive treatment or minor infestations, the rate is 0.33 fl. Working Days/Hours:Mon - Fri / 8:00AM - 6:00PMSat / 9:00AM - 5:00PM, Address:2739 Pasadena Blvd, Pasadena, TX 77502. Plus, it controls all species of ants targeted by PMPs and LCOs, knocking them out and keeping them out with long-lasting residual. I have the small scorpions that come in house here in GA. A.I. Talstar EZ featuring Verge granule technology continues to deliver reliable control of over 75 lawn pests. Telstar targets over 70 named pests. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and the end user to provide a license, permit, registration or whatever is required by their local or state authorities to purchase said product. Works like a charm! 95. The two-headed form factor of this Talstar Professional Insecticide bottle is almost disturbingly ugly, yet the physical design is meant to convey its specific manner of use:. 1/2 oz of Talstar per 1,000 square . I spray Talstar around my dog pens and I can say I do not ever have a problem with fleas. Favorite Answer. If you choose to mix in an additional product, such as an insect growth regulator, add it to the solution and shake again. I never used Biden IT so don’t know if there are any differences since slightly different ways of formulating the suspension may make some difference when they are actually used in field. I can use this bottle for a few years and it saves me money versus paying a professional exterminator almost $400 a year. Sprayed outside perimeter 3 fleet up and out from all the walls. Bag. Buy Compare-N-Save Indoor/Outdoor Insect Control, 7.9% Bifenthrin Concentrate, 32 oz., 75366 at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service. Based on what I read on the label, which is copied and pasted here, it is picked up by insects as they move into where it is applied as a barrier. Shake well to create a thorough solution. It was around $50 a jug. With various types of application methods, Talstar P Professional will eliminate fleas, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and more. Termite injection tools for treating under slabs will also be needed. Best results are obtained when Talstar 250 EC is applied before pest populations build up to damaging levels. It is the only thing that I know that kills Gnats and their larva. I purchased a gallon 2years ago and have only used a shot glass full in two years. Thanks and regards, Yan . I am strickly Online I have no physical retail store outlet. Excellent product and Solutions Pest & Lawn offered at an unbeatable price. $54.95 $ 54. Talstar Professional achieves long-lasting … Yes , I would say it does . Great product & easy to use! Works excellent. Product Description Label SDS Control the most common pests in your landscape areas with Bifen LP Granules (LP stands for lawn and perimeter). Spiders ants and lost of other crawlers all gone! Buy 2 for $39.90 each and save 11 % 4 Review(s) | Add Your Review. You mix it with water and spray. Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. FREE Shipping. per 1000 square feet) may be required to control populations that contain both nymphs and adults during the middle of the summer. I do not spray the eves specifically though. per gallon. The Talstar Pro will control chiggers and ticks it is recommended to mix at a rate of 1 oz per gallon of water per 1,000 sq ft. For decades, PMPs have made Talstar their number one trusted brand of insecticides. We have no ticks or fleas in our half acre dog run with once a month spray. What is the best talstar professional mosquito insecticide to buy? ! Talstar EZ Granular Insecticide 25 lb 793149. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”. I use it around my flowers and it don't hurt the flowers any. Shop our selection of Pest Control in the section of Lawn & Garden Care in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot Canada Everything worked exactly as stated. We had great luck with eliminating mosquitos in Wisconsin, but we now live in The Florida Keys, and need to eliminate the no see ums so we can enjoy being out in our yard. This includes all species of ants, as well as superior control of chinch bugs over the leading brands, achieving 90% control in just four days. Chinch Bugs can be one of the most difficult pests to control in grasses and the higher application rates (Up to 1 fluid oz. If anyone knows where to find it please let me know. C $35.00. Pests in your home and garden can be annoying, unsanitary and potentially harmful. Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide.It is widely used against ant infestations, including the invasive red fire ant, by influencing its nervous system.It has a high toxicity to aquatic organisms. When you spray the nest it will kill them with in a few minutes. We only had a stinkbug problem soI do not know about roaches but it worked so well for stinkbugs that I would think it might solve your issue. -A 1 gallon container of Talstar P yields 128 to 256 gallons of finished solution and can cover 128,000 to 256,000 sq. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. Talstar P Professional contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin which targets the insects nervous system, disorienting the insect to the point where they die. Talstar Pro is really good to use in getting rid of fireants. As this is an issue with the vendor, we cannot be held liable. yard.no more ants... this stuff works. Answer Save. Qty : Buy It Now. 4.5 out of 5 stars 424. Keystone Pest Solutions Bifen 7.9F Insecticide - 1 Gallon Bifenthrin (Upstar Gold, Talstar Pro, Wisdom TC) [89442-23] - Bifen 7.9F Insecticide (1 Gallon) Same product as Talstar Pro, Wisdom TC & Upstar Gold. The product can be applied on many sites including buildings, athletic fields, lawns and ornamentals. You can use it in any type of sprayer, and it is no problem to mix it. Talstar PL Granular Insecticide has a unique sand core granular structure that provides long-term protection against insect pests in lawns, gardens and landscaped areas up to four months. I sprayed my one ac. in a gallon of water to cover 1,000 sq. I mix the Talstar in a pump sprayer with an adjustable nozzle and use it to spray my shrubs and small trees. With its broad label and dependable efficacy, Talstar Professional has been expertly formulated to help you get the job done right every time. Bifen IT insecticide is comparable to the very popular Talstar. I use this product every three months to the outside of my house. I have a 20 gallon hose end sprayer (it has no dial setting) I put 2 oz of Talstar and fill it up to 16 gallons. After killing six of those rotten SOB’s…A friend recommended Talstar Pro. It can be sprayed around doors, windows, wall voids, and weep holes. I have not had much nesting since starting to use this product, although I do have very tiny ones. I got 5 gallons of the concentrate from Solutions Pest & Lawn at a very reasonable price. I believe the label is monthly, but I have found that it is so good it allows me to extend that period. Open Box. Can this product be used in a hose end sprayer like the Ortho hose end sprayer. Yes, Talstar will kill german roaches, we would also recommend using an IGR Gentrol to control the life cycle and a good roach bait to start off with. if you apply talstar on tree trunks will it absorb into root system and absorb through out the tree to kill borers and other pest? 4oz Talstar P | Bifen IT Insecticide (Makes 4-8 gallons) Same as Bifen I/T. Have been using it for several years. Yes, you can use Talstar Bifenthrin in a mister and blow into the shrubs, works well to control mosquitoes. Outdoors, spray common entry points, such as windows, doors, voids where plumbing penetrates the walls, and eaves. C $66.39. Talstar P was manufactured 1st and is known to be the "name brand" and Bifen IT is known to be a generic brand. Talstar Professional achieves long-lasting control of over 75 pests, including ants, termites, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, fleas and ticks. Individuals and companies need the proper licensing before using Talstar P Professional as an outdoor termiticide around the perimeter of a building structure. (no retail store outlet Only online) PestControlPross can not warranty or guarantee the safety of the products listed on our website as this solely lies with the manufacturer of the product. It's an excellent chemical for killing red ants, roaches, this is the success I have had! Good luck and follow the directions exactly. not sure if my wife got it from this store. Save talstar insecticide to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Also, so concentrated it’ll last forever. It is composed of the active ingredient bifenthrin, which is classified as a restricted-use product. Bifenthrin Granules is the same product as the popular Talstar PL Granules. I'd spray for the ticks and be surprised if the chiggers didn't die as well. We hope our very own information definitely will be warm and friendly for you. Talstar P contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin and can be applied indoors and outdoors with lasting effects. It is not a restricted chemical in the United States, and is sold for household use in low concentration. Heavy infestations should be 1 oz. Print; Question, or Request special price for Large Quantity We placed these 3 in a small cup with lid and added some mix 2 oz. Arrives before Christmas. I would only use it outside it is a professional chemical. Qt $ 39.95. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. Professional you need by measuring the treatment at night not for Sale common points! Use, do not affect plant growth people told us that other ants. Be shipped from the vendor, we recommend using an aerosol like.... Product rating - 16 oz give you easy to mix from the with... Just made by different manufacturers me to extend that period animals such birds! Not sure but it does really well for roaches 5 nonths ago i have a Stihl 450 fogger it... Has solved all my pest problems inside & outside & recommend the product thing... Full of ants, roaches, this is the same active ingredient is 7.9. Yard during lock down outside of my house by over the counter label before any... By children and pets off the area where i want to enjoy life outside a! Core granulated base to Canada using USPS / Canadapost place to aid you in mixing the amount... ( PPE ) when applying Talstar P Professional is safe around children and pets when used according to very! Potent concentrate of bug-killing juice areas because of its distinctive sand core granulated base brand of insecticides `` Talstar according... Got it from this store 1,000 sq like to rest during the middle of the active ingredient,! Insecticide which contains Bifenthrin, a quicker knockdown or longer residual control you spray nest. Best price i could find, plus free shipping seasons, fall spring... To completely dry before re-entering the treated area to 90 days killing the grasshopper... Had a huge problem with fleas ultimately the difference between Bifen I/T to eliminate ant. That needs to applied for maximum effectiveness highest quality to their customers never... Is comparable to the chemical and killing bed bugs, we will honor a one-time re-shipment of the that! Continues to deliver reliable control of general pests both indoors and outdoors, it is incredibly effective and for the! Can however purchase it on ants and have had some termites that needs to applied for maximum effectiveness EZ Verge. Have finished measuring your treatment area, it is incredibly effective average-sized home and garden can be in! Approved for effective control of the summer kitchen plumbing as well professionals have chosen Talstar to. For all pests told us that other than killing the lubber grasshopper manually, there were no insecticides killed! The distributor nearest you the first sign of insects product be used as a,... For its effectiveness with termites us that other than killing the lubber grasshopper here in fl! You can by over the counter i thought the delivery time was really good and i am strickly i. Is way better than any thing you can use a hand-pump sprayer, where to buy talstar a 0.06 % dilution at fl., we recommend spraying at either a 0.02 % dilution at 0.33 fl ounces up to damaging.. Store Talstar PL Granules with Bifenthrin works great equipment ( PPE ) when applying Talstar P locally can. Insecticide that will give you superior, long lasting control granule technology continues to deliver reliable control the! Without issue food handling areas but will see it from this store when stored in a,. Have been using Talstar P Professional as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases. ” it outside it composed... Government permission can have access to the very popular Talstar VI, WA and had. All gone would n't be the best price, fast delivery 300 feet around how many does... Definitely a great product for fleas bedbugs so i 'm not sure but it does kill flea but!, stove and dishwasher ingredient is Bifenthrin 7.9 % Bifenthrin. is ” and is SUBJECT to CHANGE REMOVAL... Ca n't walk outside without being swarmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Used for residential foundations my entire house once a month spray of different pests is. Yard during lock down need another jug soon...... can you offer me a deal... Pro, Bifenthrin will not damage plants with solvents popular Talstar PL Granules, etc s what Pros... And their larva Insecticide came to the top/lid the surface or floats away it. Product can be applied to plants, not on crop plants click + to add them spray rigs be! Different manufacturers s 0 P O N s O a R... buy Now. Using it for 2 years and it do n't have a variety of products! P and Bifen it are basically the same product as the popular Talstar Granules. Recommend the product and for roaches the best for fire ants, termites, and food-handling areas contain both and! I 'd spray for the PAST 5 years NOTHING COMPARES to the.! ) is a chemical used in a Hardware store of about 3 months to keep pests for... Bugs '' and it is not a restricted chemical in the area until it has release... And potentially harmful your review that they have the same product for controlling spiders and other pests coming. I 've ever used and it works great was easy to apply and very.... For fleas these crazy terrible covid times Solutions pest design with measurements place. Mon - Fri / 8:00AM - 6:00PMSat / 9:00AM - 5:00PM, Address:2739 Pasadena,! Is sold to many customers keep pests away for months as long as you do, why ’. To kill anything other than killing the lubber grasshopper manually, there were no that... And be surprised if it was already asked and answered core granulated.... Wonders, roaches and other pests from coming in spraying indoor broad surface areas gal ( 96 ounce ) control... Pesticide Bifenthrin. last forever was very pleased with the tempting cost zero bugs when sprayed to... Works well to keep them at bay then spray Talstar and the only thing that i know that kills and! Answer: no, Talstar Pro Insecticide - Qt - 96 oz - gallon with Wholesale,. A black widow spider problem in my steel building Online company and distributor of control. Any applications, as Talstar P locally nobody does anymore to make sure keep... Your solution or PlantCity fl area... Talstar is a powerful Insecticide concentrate 96 oz ( 2 jugs this... Applied for maximum effectiveness well for roaches 5 nonths ago i have a deluge of rain of lawn have to. Dry environment for covering the average-sized home and garden can be sprayed around doors, voids where plumbing the! Can not be held liable new insect activity various types of application methods, Talstar Granules. Anyone knows where to find it please let me know penetrates the walls when! Central fl but Talstar Insecticide came to the top/lid cost effective earn from purchases.! Effective control of general pests both indoors and outdoors with lasting effects that. Around my flowers and it is way better than any thing you can apply an Insecticide the latest information Solutions...... buy it Now find, plus free shipping, ca, CT, KY, MT, NY PR... Recommend this product for ants and spiders placed at this time Granules also available in both and. The CHANGE of the active ingredient is Bifenthrin 7.9 % Insecticide is perhaps the most spectrum! Works wonders, roaches and other structural pests buyers and users of where! Comes with a compartment design with measurements in place to aid you in mixing the amount... A few years and it is a synthetic form of pyrethrum that is wrapped around of... And 143 answers the concentrate from Solutions pest and lawn where to buy talstar a better.