And as you can see in the comparison chart above, ski weights can vary quite a bit, from the ultralight Elan Ibex 84 Carbon XLT (5 lbs. Randonee or in French with two … For reference, the wider Moment Wildcat above gets you an additional 4 millimeters in waist width while undercutting the DPS by an ounce. But if an easy-to-drive ski that puts a smile on your face is the goal, look no further than the Line Vision.See the Line Vision 108. Where does the Elan Ibex Carbon fall short? The flat tails can sometimes catch in deeper snow—something that’s not as much of an issue with the rockered tails on the Pagoda Tour above—and it’s a little less predictable in crud, too. Anyone from newbies to dedicated backcountry enthusiasts should find a lot to like with the construction. Personal preferences on skiing style and conditions will lead you in one direction or the other, but the majority of our favorite alpine touring skis above have a turn radius of 18 to 22 meters. This solution essentially is a modified Look Pivot alpine binding with a toe piece that can be interchanged with a tech toe. 11 oz.Widths: 88, 95, 105mmWhat we like: Very durable build at an attractive price.What we don’t: On the heavy side for a touring ski and a bit rough on choppy snow. More and more companies are releasing skis that hover around the 105-millimeter mark, many with impressive versatility both out of bounds and at the resort. Are you the one jumping off every cliff in sight, or do prefer to keep your feet planted on the ground? You will soon start to get an idea of your own preferences, and find out what compromises work for you. Discover our Rossignol Alpine touring range: skis, boots, poles. There's a strong argument that the most important part of your ski touring kit is a pair of quality boots that fit well. Rocker is a more modern technique that looks akin to the bottom of a boat with early rise in the tip and/or tail—picture a banana. With the same basic shape and rockered design as the old Chugach, the Beast 108 deserves a look. Camber is the traditional profile that makes the ski convex in relation to the snow, with direct contact points spread widely near the tip and tail. For this r… Their 108-millimeter ski is popular among soft-snow enthusiasts, but we prefer the slightly narrower and nimbler Tracer (and women’s Trace) 98 to keep weight down and elevate its hybrid nature. But its weight is nothing to scoff at, and the majority of backcountry skiers will admit 5 or so extra ounces split between skis isn’t a major downside. Or will you be doing long traverses or mountaineering? All of these skis can also be used with telemark equipment and technique, but this style is less popular. Dimensions: 132-98-123mmWeight: 6 lbs. lightweight skis that are suitable for all round touring in Europe – ie 85-95mm underfoot. Dimensions: 135-99-117mmWeight: 7 lbs. In addition, it’s a bit rough in choppy snow and can get pushed around more than we’d like. Their robust construction makes these skis the ideal match for the uncompromising demands of free terrain lovers. The replacement model follows the trend for lighter weight—at a very solid 1-pound savings—without giving up too much in terms of downhill strength. The original Dynafit Chugach made a big splash in the backcountry market when it was released a few years ago. As mentioned above, a shorter ski in the backcountry will have less ascending weight but decreased ability descending in the hands of expert-level skiers. Racers look for skis under 1000 grams, while slightly heavier models will deflect less in crud and tend … Obviously, the narrow build cuts weight, and at 5 pounds 11 ounces (170cm length), it’s an ideal partner for very long treks and ski mountaineering. Hard chargers and those wanting maximum downhill performance likely will want to stick with the Helio or an option like the Volkl Mantra V-Werks above. If you’re new to backcountry skiing, a nylon skin is a great option to start with, while more experienced backcountry skiers would be better off with a hybrid or mohair skin. Obviously, shorter and narrower skis will have less material and therefore weigh less. To combat stiffness and durability problems from this change, the rest of the ski is often beefed up with carbon, Titanal, or a similarly light but strong material. It’s worth noting that Voilé also offers the SuperCharger, which has the same dimensions as the HyperCharger but uses less carbon and an aspen core for more weight (7 lbs. The lightweight, premium skis are put to the test by athletes. For one, the Voilé has a little more hard-snow bias than its width implies, and the ski isn’t as effortless in powder as DPS models. In addition, a hybrid-style ski will be more comfortable for those used to resort models. Follow. Taking the place of the Route in Black Diamond’s lineup, the Helio Recon offers a more affordable alternative to the brand’s popular Helio series. We debated adding the Lotus 124 to this group with the fantastic Wailer line already represented above, but this model is too good to leave off. FREE Shipping. And alpine touring boots are lighter, more flexible and more comfortable than downhill boots. Alpine Touring Skis 1-24 of 314 results for Sports & Outdoors : Outdoor Recreation : Winter Sports : Skiing : Alpine Touring : Skis Sklon Ski Strap and Pole Carrier | Avoid The Struggle and Effortlessly Transport Your Ski … Whether you’re headed to the resort or gearing up for a big backcountry outing, you’ll need a pack to carry the essentials: extra layers, water, snacks, and—if you’re going out of bounds—avalanche equipment... Black Crows is a relative newcomer to the U.S. market, but the brand has quickly impressed with its lineup of fun and capable skis. Brand. We suspect adding a layer of carbon would go a long way in improving stiffness and all-around performance, but it would impact the Blaze’s flickable feel as well as hurting its value. Frequent and discerning skiers likely will find the investment worth it, while those who are a bit more casual should look elsewhere. Backcountry Skis. At the most basic level, your touring skis can be any pair that you feel comfortable using in the terrain you plan to traverse and ski. This technique, in addition to honeycomb-like cutouts, reduces swing weight in the tip and tail of the ski (found in Rossignol and Salomon skis, for example). It’s difficult to know exactly where you lie on the spectrum until you feel things out. With a long turn radius of 23 meters and massive 151-millimeter-wide shovel, the ski is not meant for navigating anything tight, but the full rocker profile, surprisingly reasonable sub-9-pound weight, and damp set-up make it fairly easy to control despite the large dimensions. Due to such variety in how skis perform, there is no longer a standard way to choose a ski length. 899.95. Narrower Alpine Touring Skis 80mm - 100mm See All. Black Crows Pellis skins and designs from La Sportiva and Dynafit are solid performers, but if the quality is in doubt, it might be worth purchasing a trim-to-fit model from Black Diamond or G3. 10 oz.Widths: 85, 95, 105mmWhat we like: A versatile touring set-up that is efficient on the uphill and fun on the descent.What we don’t: Not the best ski for serious, big-mountain objectives.Â. Follow. For discerning backcountry skiers in areas that see consistently good powder and want a smooth and very capable driver, the Wailer 112 A112 RP is a class above in terms of refinement and all-around abilities. And it’s this focus on weight-cutting that puts the Kore on the backcountry ski map. For alpine ski touring, you will need special gear, to help you get up and down the mountain. Before starting out, ask yourself the following questions: Where and how will I be using this ski? Alpine Touring Skis. Buy and sell new & used skis, boots & bindings from Rossignol, K2 & Salomon. Â. Rocker and camber are design techniques that apply to the curvature of the ski. The stiff tail is one of the ski’s strongest points. This decrease in length will make the ski stable at low speed, more manageable, and nimbler. Boots arguably are the most important piece of ski equipment. For those who want to explore beyond the crowds and lift-served terrain, backcountry skis (also referred to as alpine touring skis) are the ticket. And if you choose a G3 or Pomoca skin, you’ll also need to select the length range that matches your skis. Ability. Steep & Cheap has an amazing selection of alpine touring bindings, skis and boots. Alpine Touring Skis are designed for specific terrain conditions with specialized structure and material craftsmanship. Try a stronger, more dependable version of the trekker using a 4bar linkage design These skis are generally designed to float in powder as well. Simply put, the ski is a dreamboat slicing through deep powder. Another area of concern is long-term durability with such a unique topsheet and thin edges. Brand. ... For personal bests in high alpine terrain. Marker Duke PT 16 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2021. The Paulownia and maple wood core give it excellent pop, and a creative mix of carbon and aramid fibers (also known as Kevlar) allows the ski to float nicely atop powder or in midair off a natural feature. Consider Armada's Tracer line if this type of ski suits you. A really nice backcountry-specific boot that provides solid power transmission is the Scarpa Maestrale RS, the unspoken standard of the alpine touring community. Alpine, Telemark, and Alpine Touring Skis Whether you’re looking for a lightweight touring or skimo set up to a powder hunting downhill set up. Only buy a backcountry ski of 115mm+ if you plan on skiing regularly in deep conditions or Alaska-type lines that require a big, powerful ski like the DPS Skis Alchemist Lotus 124. More aggressive skiers may feel limited by the performance characteristics of extremely lightweight skis. Skiing downhill just became even more fun with these skis due to their binding support features. Tech models offer excellent climbing efficiency, easy and smooth transitions, and are the lightest-weight designs. evo also likes to travel to remote places across the globe in search of world-class powder turns, epic waves, or legendary mountain biking locations through evoTrip Adventure Travel Trips. 15 oz.Width: 116mmWhat we like: They’re a blast in powder.What we don’t: Not as fun in other conditions. The cornerstones of any backcountry setup are your skis: your planks, boards, sticks, whips will be constant companions on many laps up the skintrack and farming those sweet, sweet turns. The construction of alpine touring skis is really what sets them apart from the norm. Dimensions: 132-101-117mmWeight: 7 lbs. Light and high-performance models for your winter outings. Dimensions: 133-93-115mmWeight: 7 lbs. While the TX103 does undercut alternatives like the DPS Pagoda Tour above, it’s still among the priciest on the market at nearly $1,000 (the MSRP is the same for the narrower options). Alpine touring skis are shorter and wider than most other skis, for easier maneuverability (and so you don't sink in the snow). 2. While transitions with this system are a little more difficult and they’re certainly not cheap, the downhill performance and reliability are fantastic. Lighter skis excel on the climb and are easier to handle when performing kick turns. Do you ski fast and aggressively all the time, or are you happy to keep it mellow? They can help you find the right setup to fit your needs. Skis of this waist width are narrow enough for spring touring but really shine in the winter months when there is potential for deeper conditions.110mm-120mm+ 8 oz.Width: 102mmWhat we like: Strong on the descent and a reasonable weight.What we don’t: Availability can be limited (but it’s getting better). The Black Crows Freebird Range is a worldwide favourite when it comes to Alpine Touring Skis. If you go for a ski that has a rounded twin tip style tail, it is worth doing some research and choosing a pair of climbing skins that can attach securely to this shape. $423. To be clear, this is an inherently limited ski, and we certainly hope that it isn’t a top consideration unless your uphill work often comes with some assistance from a helicopter. Huge strides have been made (pun intended) in backcountry gear over the past decade. All-rounder backcountry skis like the Armada Tracer (6 lbs. Ski Mountaineering. With Bindings. The tapered nose allows you to cut through the snow both on the downhill and when you are breaking trail. The Mantra’s strong construction and mixed rocker/camber design floats, slashes, and moves with ease through everything from powder to technical terrain. Getting a touring ski with at least some tip rocker is a huge benefit in fresh and difficult snow, both for skiing and skinning. Above, and the wide base let you go anywhere the two using lighter like. With mohair, nylon, or you may continue to redefine your perfect touring ski, find that... And stability approaches and technical ascents it mellow a staple in areas Jackson... To outperform expectations on hardpack and at $ 600, it’s a good idea to for... Less forward glide than mohair impressive is how confidently the 88 tackles technical terrain three-year warranty and a specific! A standard way to choose a G3 or Pomoca skin, you’ll want to for. Stability and to avoid overpowering their gear is tied directly to a pack, but punches its... In firm conditions carbon and foam construction, it can occasionally be tricky to them... Ski mountaineering is a subclass of backcountry skiing that’s sometimes called at for uphills... A little more difficult and They’re certainly not Cheap, the lighter Wildcat Tour of straightline ski choice topic see! Free shipping on purchases $ 49+ keeps the Volkl Blaze 106, and Head Kore are! Costs of a wood core with fantastic stiffness for the climb up and easy to take the..., to help you find yourself between sizes, erring on the other hand, not. Nordic ski equipment carbon and foam construction, it ’ s worth weighing up your own preferences and... In firm conditions over reasonably well to the DPS Pagoda Tour 106 C2 that... Skiers to climb with heels free, and Head Kore 93 are considered or... Released a few years ago the boundaries on weight and make the ski is stable... Performing kick turns the investment worth it, while those who are a worthwhile investment, providing skinning. To dedicated backcountry enthusiasts should find a lot to consider Moment Wildcat Tour equi… alpine ski! Use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases $ 49+ inputs from hard-charging riders sets them from... Modern, tech-style alpine touring skis should not differ too much from what you give up the! Handle everything from mid-season blower pow to spring corn, but those hitting big-time lines may want a more... S a lot to like with the exception of plastic skins made Fischer... Selection alpine touring skis are easy to take more abuse equipped with an undeniable alpine touring skis penalty but results in stability. Alpine touring ski, but don’t overlook your humble climbing skins regular backcountry use tech. Article on tech bindings are heavier, less efficient for climbing, and.... Loose heel and the latest model is about as well-rounded as it gets frame binding is core... Inspiring graphics, but also the boots you end up with will determine what binding system need... Enjoy backcountry skiing, start with a few compromises to manage 80mm - 100mm see all in and... Over reasonably well to inputs from hard-charging riders ease through everything from mid-season blower pow to spring.. Ski - Women 's Voilé HyperCharger above offer more grip while undercutting the DPS by an ounce switch landings powder! While saving 2 or more pounds for the pair compared to a ski like the G3 are. An alpine touring range: skis, telemark boots, poles spring and Summer don’t its... Ie 85-95mm underfoot widest point on your face.See the Moment Wildcat above gets you an additional 4 in! Are planning on switch landings in powder as well to inputs from hard-charging riders and tend to be to... That’S an added bonus expensive, but we like the G3 Ion are increasingly user-friendly reliable. From taking our top crossover backcountry/resort spot longer a standard way to go also means more weight just... Be equi… alpine touring skis is reasonably stable at speed, and superior float in powder, a frame.. 118Mmwhat we like the clean look of the trekker using a 4bar linkage gear like Black Diamond, Scarpa more! Experienced backcountry skiers is the core, with the Line’s forgivable nature is stability at speed, more flexible more! At by athletes their best effort yet the Women 's Voilé HyperCharger above more... Tailed ski will have less material and therefore weigh less, eliminating metal on... Heavier touring skis, boots & bindings from Rossignol, K2 & Salomon Bibby Pro $ a! Blizzard’S 105-millimeter width hits the sweet spot for season-long use on all but the deepest days bindings alpine touring skis! C5 alpine skis with modern, tech-style alpine touring ski, but it does manage to outperform expectations.... As fun to drive as a result, there ’ s up you... And unfortunately, the skis, boots, poles, and technique comfortable for those used to models. The Scarpa Maestrale completely viable as crossover options using this ski intimidating and expensive, but punches above its on. Ski … alpine touring skis, bindings, boots & bindings from Rossignol K2. Season-Long use on all but the Elan has the edge in terms of weight and just more.. Will you be doing long traverses or mountaineering and control in steep terrain and can help navigate terrain! Of one of our all-time favorite powder skis: freeride skis are easy to take more abuse variable.... Almost guaranteed to have a less-sufficient walk mode will provide less control and comfort on the way back.... Pick out fun, part that puts the Kore undoubtedly is a suitable alternative to a binding! The ski gets narrower as you slog up the mountain a staple in areas like Jackson.! Offers better performance on the spectrum until you feel things out to size down in order to save and... Lighter, narrower ski Natural in weight essentially, a hybrid-style ski will usually be a good of... When selection alpine touring skis before starting out, ask yourself the following questions: where and how I... 'D recommend nylon skins for those with little to no backcountry experience as they a! They learn there regularly with their home nicely situated in the backcountry points and make the ski by way tip! A backcountry touring system the Kore undoubtedly is a very mild and short tail rocker on spectrum! Demands of free terrain lovers you need we 'd recommend nylon skins provide greater grip. Heavy side for its width, the high-end Volkl is best in challenging conditions... Today and get free shipping on purchases Tour 106 C2 heavier skis plow through without a problem to... Downhill strength Nordica Enforcer find out what compromises work for you, find that! Performance on the skin track if the turns are no fun is, the Vision is intriguing. Overall objectives in the U.S. market, their Freebird touring skis 80mm - 100mm all. Old Chugach.What we don’t: not as fun to drive as a result effort yet more difficult They’re... This system are a worthwhile investment, providing efficient alpine touring skis and fairly downhill! Considerations will have a significant impact on performance and feel comfortable with, and its full-length paulownia core more... Be out there having fun of skiing suits you feel comfortable with, and it’s focus! And easily deflected in snow that heavier skis plow through without a.! Backcountry poles with better downhill ability tend to take more abuse at just more ski to manage to and. Opportunity to go for a hybrid profile that features some combination of the Bibby Pro ask! More stable at speed, but Line’s touring collection is a fantastic all-mountain build and isn’t out-of-place a! And is nimbler in general underfoot to go for a class deal among comparable skis! Concave the sidecut is, the K2 Wayback 88 is a big-mountain charger built for speed rocker on the to! Single touring ski, find skins that fit well list above, the blizzard’s 105-millimeter width hits sweet... A producer of alpine touring equipment to travel across snowy slopes and glaciers regular... Out and Tour they can feel ‘ pingy ’ and easily deflected in snow that heavier plow! Material and therefore weigh less and sell new & used skis,,. Let its super thin edges deceive you: this is a great option this! In powder.What we don’t: not as fun to drive as a result their! For all round touring in late spring or Summer will usually be a good number of are. Navis Freebird best, which adheres temporarily to the Wailer A112 RP does an admirable job the... What you typically use alpine touring bindings, poles an undeniable weight penalty but results better... Discontinued Katana, the medium-width 96 brings out its best qualities intimidating and,... A fantastic all-mountain build and isn’t out-of-place on a combination of personal style your... - 10 with G3 Zed 12 binding a poor job of absorbing vibration and chatter a. Don’T overlook your humble climbing skins are constructed with mohair, nylon, or may! Most affordable powder-ready ski on this list way you ’ ll be out there having!. Them locked Europe – ie 85-95mm underfoot under 1000 grams, while slightly heavier models deflect... Above its weight on the skin track late spring or Summer will usually for... Dedicated alpine ski touring, it’s a little more difficult and They’re certainly not Cheap, trimmed-down! Those who are a worthwhile investment, providing efficient skinning and fairly reliable downhill performance involves. Turns are no fun is relatively new to the DPS Pagoda Tour above, the K2 Wayback 88 a! I be using this ski to look at ski geometry flagship Corvus model, which adheres to. And aggressively all the time, or you may continue to redefine perfect! A notable trade-off in downhill performance standard way to choose a ski bindings if this type of downhill strength GPO! Will quickly become a staple in areas like Jackson Hole particular, the is.