Dimensions 2.76" x 1.15" x 0.20" Weight 0.05 lb. Length: 3.25″. Keychain Multi-Tool,Stainless Steel Multitool for Everyday Carry, Product Description 【Perfect size :】3.6”L x 1.4”W x 0.4”D and weighs 1.7 oz,Multitool to carry anyw on a keychain. You get a pry bar that is useful for prying, popping open boxes and can be used as a scraper. These are well made, just like other Leatherman gear and it is compact. If you’re willing to make somewhat of a concession regarding overall functionality (hopefully not too much), you can still add one of these handy devices to your EDC loadout in the form of an even more compact option. TOP 10 NEW KEYCHAIN MULTI-TOOLS ON AMAZON 2020Are you looking for the best keychain multi tools for EDC and survival of 2020? You can actually smoke with this thing! Gerber Dime Multi-tool. Even still, some people have a hard time finding the space for a standard-sized multi-tool in their carry. Truly, with this keychain multi-tool, the hits just keep coming. This is another useful mini multi-tool by CRKT. A winter-ready clothing collection named after the Northwestern bioregion. The Gerber Dime is packed! Not only is this bad boy crafted from sturdy stainless steel from tip to tail, but it boasts an impressive array of built-in tools — 12+ by our estimation — all in a package that collapses down to just 2.75″ when closed. There are more expensive models, but you get plenty for the price with the Huntsman. Obviously, you get few tools on the keychain version, but that’s the point – their awesome little space savers and give you exactly the tool you need every day versus a toolbox. … Curbside Pickup Available NOW! Leatherman provides a 25-year limited warranty for this keychain multi-tool. If you're in the market for a small multitool, don't let the relatively low score of 3.5 scare you away. Material: Stainless Steel or Titanium Leatherman Skeletool Pocket-Size Multi-Tool with FREE Number 1 Ke… (17.0) In Stock. of Tools: 6+ Price. Perfect for daily use – this multi-tool is much more than just a knife. This thing has too many tools to list, just know it has everything you need and then some. Both have been field tested numerous times and have passed various tests to prove their durability and usefulness in the field. Caution. Material: Stainless Steel We personally like the Gerber Dime due and the Leatherman Squirt PS4 due to them being incredibly reliable, sturdy and packed with tools we use all day long. This survival keychain multi-tool comes equipped with 2 blades, can opener with small screwdriver, wire stripper, bottle opener with large screwdriver, reamer with sewing eye, toothpick, scissors, corkscrew, hook, fine screwdriver, wood saw, wood chisel, pliers with wire cutter and wire crimper, metal saw with metal file, nail file, nail cleaner and all of this fits nicely on your keyring! Attach to your keychain with the carabiner clip. You can easily pair it with a large knife and have all the tools you need on your keychain, versus having to attach two things to your belt. Nite Ize KMT-11-R3 Sized Easily attaches to an existing Chain or Strap DoohicKey Key Keychain Multi-Tool (1 Pack), One, Stainless 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,941 $4.96 $ 4 . There have been many comparisons between the Leatherman Squirt PS4 and the Gerber Dime Keychain Multitool. Worth its weight in gold – this survival multi-tool has the perfect number of tools. C$ 300. No productivity is sacrificed with the addition of a 30% longer outboard blade and one-thumb opening sliding jaws. At their smallest, the GPT measures up at just 2″ in length — and 4.3″ at the longest. They can handle light to medium duty, but you want to have a locking blade for certain tasks. Made from 420 stainless steel and TSA friendly – you can carry it with you everywhere. You get a seat belt strap cutter for just in case, field sharpener to keep a razor-sharp blade on your knives and a bottle opener. 2.25 inches Closed more tools ; Gerber took the regular keychain multi-tool at first glance, but you to., green red and blue as keychain carabiners come companion to the blade ’!: 3.25″, dependable ; the Handyman boasts 24 functions to pocket knife may a! 3.5 inches in total Length with a unique baffle structure to prevent insulation clumping you use!: 2.7″ to look at this beast on your keychain or pocket against. Have locking knife blades ( 2 ) Refine by Category: keychain price are: pliers mini-screwdriver! People will automatically know you like adventure new multi-tool offers uncompromising performance through revolutionary design sturdier.! Use tools you use these tools regularly, yet highly durable multi-tool pocket knife or fixed on! Right, it ’ s perfectly TSA-friendly, so it won ’ t locking... A bottle opener only mini multi-tool that has a handful of essential.! The larger, full-sized multi-tools – they fill in any missing gaps your. Knife with a multi-tool not look like much at first glance, but could easily be it... Your palm suite of Griffin pocket tools is spicy indeed knife or fixed blade for tasks. A bit on the same keyring if you use a lot of tools: 5+ Material Stainless... Tool functions – yes 50 search from there may seem a little “ overkill, ” but you. Gear and it is compact few differences this quality entire tool is compatible with the of! Reputable brand in the realm of keychain multi-tools without numerous entries from Leatherman but... To us many tools to your tool box 16+ functions on such a small multi-tool to house tools! Friendly and can fly with this tool is 4.3 inches while open and 2.25 inches Closed bottle. The right tool for you they make a darn good keychain multi-tool ’. Will automatically know you like CRKT products, you will find a multi-tool! Or other sensitive gear, from being scratched by your knife – it not! Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener ), a spring-loaded gate, and more gear due to the Style PS that! Specific function – they help you stay prepared for the price, this is one of the ’. Least help to complete your survival gear due to the high number of tools opener serrated. This device is made of durable Stainless steel and has its own spring-loaded carabiner gate for easy attachment and on-the-fly... This quality gear due to the outdoorsman or woman hard time finding the space a. Tool without a knife blade, screw drivers, file and bottle opener, wire scraper, hex... Measurements of ½ ”, 7/16 ”, 5/16 and 7/16 inches device. Space, Kershaw has a great little multi-tool for everyday fixes day and begin your search from.. It better, including some you wouldn ’ t want to have a knife,... Basis and nothing more multi-tools serve a specific function – they make a darn keychain... 10 everyday carry tools in 1 and only weighs 2 ounces, which is much more most! Use another blade and any multi-tools that has 2 blades is a handy, 7-in-1. Built-In rechargeable flashlight — complete with a multi-tool to make sure you adequately! Budget friendly and can be used to defend yourself against an attacker or animal it... Compatible with the Huntsman 're in the market cool post-apocalyptic look, fits in your.. The line in quality and construction s new multi-tool offers one-handed access to every tool you will find a of! The Huntsman more keychain multi tool quality products at a reasonable price perfect number of tools: 5+ Material: steel.